Full Members

FraXI Full Membership is open constituted country Fragile X family associations. The existing family organisations in the European Fragile X Network are Initial Members of FraXI. Once registration of FraXI as an international charity is complete, we can accept applications for Full Membership. Please drop us a message via Contact if you are interested in Full Membership. 

​The Founding Members of Fragile X International are:
·         Belgium : Association X fragile Belgique (x-fragile.be)
·         Denmark: Landsforeningen for Fragilt X Syndrom i Danmark (fragiltx.dk )
·         Finland: Frax Ry (facebook: frax.ry
·         France: Mosaïques (xfragile.org)
·         France: Fragile X France – Le Goëland (xfra.org)
·         Germany: Interessengemeinschaft Fragiles-X e.V. (frax.de)
·         Ireland: ifxs – Irish Fragile X Society (fragilexireland.org)
·         Israel: The National Fragile X Association of Israel (xshavir.org.il)
·         Italy: Associazione Italiana Sindrome X-Fragile Onlus (xfragile.net)
·         The Netherlands: Fragiele X Vereniging Nederland (fragielex.nl)
·         Norway: Foreningen for Fragilt X-syndrom (frax.no)
·         Poland: Fundacja “Rodzina Fra X” (www.rodzinafrax.pl)
·         Portugal: Associação Portuguesa da Síndrome do X-Frágil (apsxf.org)
·         Spain: Federacion Espanola de Asociaciones del sindrome X-Fragil (xfragil.org
·         Sweden: Föreningen Fragile-X (fragilex.se)
·         Switzerland: Fraxas (fraxas.ch)
·         UK: The Fragile X Society (fragilex.org.uk)